Acts Offered by Penelope & Peter

Balloon Artists in Omaha

Balloon Artists

Poppin' Penelope is one of the fastest and most talented balloon artists in the country. Kids take home the types of highly detailed balloons that normally they would only see in pictures.

Penelope can offer the choice of either a balloon or face painting with each trip through the line.

Peter's One Man Danger Circus Spectacular

Fire Juggling & Rope Walking Show

Peter's highly polished show draws huge crowds with impressive stunts and hilarious family friendly comedy. Highlights include fire juggling on a tightrope and blindfold knife juggling on a rola bola.

Can be performed with or without fire.

Stilt Walking
Walking Tree

Stilt Walking

Peter and Penelope are two of the top stilt-walkers in the country. They have many impressive costumes and are highly interactive with children and adults. They can walk where others cannot and are comfortable on gravel, hills and uneven ground.

Peter also offers a 12' tall walking tree.

Balloon Installations by Poppin Penelope
Balloon Installations

Giant Balloon Installations

Penelope creates a magical balloon world that gets bigger and more detailed every day. Each installation is completely different. Highlights from past fairs include a 2 story working Ferris Wheel, and a 50' octopus.

Comedy Magic Shows

Comedy Family Magic Shows

Penelope's magic show is hilarious and full of unbelievable illusions.

Don't Try This at Home Show

Don't Try This at Home Show

A BIG show featuring the 20' upside down straight jacket escape, mind reading, and Houdini's famous metamorphosis stunt.

Show requires includes both Peter & Penelope

Balloon Animal Adventures

Balloon Animal Adventures

A "Live" Animal show in the spirit of Jack Hanna or the Wild Kratts. Although the kids can tell that all the animals are made of balloons, Peter & Penelope believe that they are real animals.

Can be performed by Peter, Penelope or Both.

LED and Glow

Nighttime LED & Glow

Eye catching entertainment with LED and glow props. They have the ability to put any fair's logo in lights. Together they pass LED juggling clubs around children and adults.

Fire Shows

Fire Shows

Pop up fire shows at night are a great way to provide entertainment after the stage shows are done.

Agritainment Shows

Ag Ed Shows

Agritainment at it's finest! Learn about the importance of farming with a comedy juggling and magic show from Farmer Pete. Farmer Penny's comedy magic show teaches the importance Women in Agriculture.

Human Statue
Levitating Woman

Human Statue & Levitation

Just like you might see in Europe or Las Vegas! Penelope offers two versions of the human statue - one on the ground, and one levitating in mid air.

Madam Scarlett "Hip"nosis Show

Comedy Stage Hypnosis

Penelope is a certified Hypnotist with experience at dozens of post prom and graduation events over 15 years. She recently created the world's first hippie themed "Hip"nosis comedy hypnosis stage show.

Fortune Tellers

Tarot Card Reading

Questions answered with scary Accuracy!

Omaha Nebraska Airbrush Tattoo Artists

Airbrush Tattoos

Safe, Colorful, Fun airbrush tattoos. Fun for all ages. We can even create customized designs!

Omaha Nebraska Face Painters

Face Painting

Dedicated face painting, or select either face painting or a balloon each trip through the line.