About Us

Poppin' Penelope and Juggler Peter Brunette are the owners and operators of Polka Dot Entertainment, LLC.

We started Polka Dot Entertainment after getting married in 2020 so that we couild spread the fun and happiness of our lives to events in Nebraska, Iowa and across the country!

Peter & Penelope

Poppin' Penelope Fratelli

Poppin' Penelope Scarlett Fratelli has been performing at events in Omaha, Nebraska and beyond for over 20 years. Often recognized for her 1950s flair for fashion and bubbly personality, Penelope is versatile performer and is highly sought after performer for her balloons, magic shows, hypnotism and more.

Penelope is a proud female business owner. She is the voice of the company, and loves talking with clients! She strives to ensure that we meet your needs completely.

Peter Brunette

Peter Brunette is best known for his impressive fire juggling and rope walking shows. He is also a talented stilt walker, and his larger than life characters are hard to miss at events. He has been performing for over 20 years, and prides himeslf on improving more and more each year.

Peter handles the emails, invoicing and parts of the business that involve computers, since computers and Penelope don't mix.