Balloon Exhibits & Installations

By Poppin Penelope Fratelli

Penelope Fratelli Ballon Artist Headshot

GIANT One-Woman Balloon Exhibits

Poppin' Penelope’s exhibit starts from nothing and grows into a larger than life balloon wonderland. People will return every day to see what sprouted overnight. Every time she plants her balloon seeds the creation is different, from a 15’ flamingo to a life sized Ferris wheel. The only limitation is Penelope’s imagination! Different every time and customizable to fit your Fair’s theme, Penelope creates unique photo opportunities, social media buzz, and is a huge visual draw for newspapers and TV. Penelope's exhibit defies logic, as one incredible woman creates an exhibit by herself larger than what a full crew could accomplish in the same time.

Fill a large space with a unique exhibit

Bring people back again and again

Growing every day

Create incredible photo opportunties

Generate social media buzz

Everyone will be talking about this incredible exhibit!

Video: Balloon Installation at the Northwest Washington Fair in 2020

Video: Poppin' Penelope's Exhibit at the Iowa State Fair in 2013

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